Connect with Ka Lahui Hawaii

When Ka Lahui Hawaii was most active in the past, email addresses for most KLH citizens were not available. As a nation rebuilding from grass roots, citizens communicated by telephone and the U.S. mail. Our islands took turns in hosting the legislature. The Ka Lahui Hawaii Working Group wishes to reconnect with Ka Lahui Hawaii citizens and honorary citizens through this website. By going to the Contact page, citizens may type in their contact information in the box provided. The information will be emailed to us, but it will not be published (you’ll have privacy).

Posted by Rebekah

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  1. jinkasima on

    Ku i Ka Pono!

  2. Gregory Ah Yat on

    This is in regards to Gov. Ige not vetoing the ceded lands Lease bill.
    Instead of grumbling about the total disregard to what matters to Hawaiians, what about trying this approach?
    For 65 years we have been denied fair compensation as was written in the early years of such bills or documents. Why don’t all the available Hawaiian lawyers, go after compensation now? Since they haven’t paid us one cent for the past 65 years, if the State Government wants to extend the leases for another 40 years, then why don’t the State start paying the Hawaiians fair compensation, for the next 40 years? Make good on a past agreement that have been totally ignored by the local State Government all these years since 1922?

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