One of many remembrances of Haunani-Kay Trask

Dear Beloved Ka Lahui Hawai’i,

I send my condolences on the loss of Dr. Haunani-Kay Trask. I was one of her students (and I believe one of her first, if not her first student, to go onto get a Ph.D.). I was nurtured and mentored by Dr. Trask and Dr. David E. Stannard throughout my undergraduate & graduate studies as well as my career. 

I feel both a sense of deep sorrow and heartfelt gratitude to my forever kumu, Dr. Haunani-Kay Trask.

I wrote a tribute for her on my department’s website. I will be publishing a much longer version of this tribute in our department’s newsletter. I would not be where I am today without the love and mentorship of both Dr. Haunani-Kay Trask and Dr. David E. Stannard.

My heart is heavy, but I know Dr. Trask’s powerful work lives on.

Thank you.

With love, gratitude and solidarity,
Teresa Williams León
Professor of Asian American Studies
California State University Northridge
and forever, Haunani-Kay’s student

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