Time-date-place set for working group Oahu meeting

Aloha everyone,

The next Ka Lahui Hawaii Working Group – Oahu meeting is set for Saturday, November 7 at 1:00pm at Olelo, 1122 Mapunapuna. Kawika Nahoopii has graciously secured the facility for us that has free parking. However, the meeting start time must begin at 1:00pm because the facility doesn’t open until 12:00 noon. I know we originally planned for a 9:00am start time, but I hope this will fit into everyone’s schedule. I believe we can finish the meeting at 5:00pm. We had planned for a potluck because the meeting was originally scheduled for all day, but we should be able to complete the meeting in 4 hours. Please feel free to bring a snack to share with everyone. If you have any questions, you can reach me at lehua002@hawaii.rr.com or on my cell at 497-7732.

Posted by Lehua Kinilau-Cano

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